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Unread postby RogerB » Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:06 pm

Mike wrote:Well, HowiPepper, you renewed my interest in CR.

Today I bought a 375 ml bottle of CR Cask No. 16, which is aged in used Cognac casks. The nose is light with a touch of rye and oak and may just a wee hint of the Cognac barrel. Altogether a sophisticated and fruity nose.

The taste is a nice balanced combination of fruit flavors from the Cognac barrel and from the rye in the whiskey. It does remind me very much of Cognac.........Cognac with some extra zip and spice.

I think I like this ever better than the CRXR (which is now below $100 a bottle in my local liquor store). It is a whiskey with finess and subtlety, but lacks (and loses nothing in that lack because the rye spice serves as a wonderful contrast) the sheer delicacy of a fine cognac.

HowiPepper (and anyone else who might be interested), you must find youself a bottle of CR Cask No. 16. To me, it is THAT good!! I just can't put this bottle away!! A five star Canadian Whiskey!!

Well I know I like the Special Reserve, but haven't tried the Cask No. 16 or XR. Based upon your recommendation, I may pick up a 375ml Cask No. 16 to try, before dropping the $$$ for the bigger bottle. I've also been wanting to try the XR.
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