What was Monongahela whisky?

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Re: What was Monongahela whisky?

Unread postby delaware_phoenix » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:01 pm

Sorry to revive an old thread, but this was one of the few that mentioned Pittsburgh, I decided that maybe this would be the best place for this link. It's to an old book (on google now) about the history of Pittsburgh 1750-1865. It discusses a little some of the Pittsburgh distillers who moved down the Monongahela River, the whiskey rebellion (though in an intimate conversational style that isn't quite believable, though fun to read). Anyway, the authors are Leland Dewitt Baldwin, Western Pennsylvania Historical Survey, Buhl Foundation.

Some other books on google mentioning Monongahela and distilling that might be of interest are:

Old Redstone
Bolles, Industrial history of the United States: from the earliest settlements to
Fleming's History of Pittsburgh and environs: from prehistoric days to the ..., Volume 3
Shevitz Jewish communities on the Ohio River: a history (2007) (a very interesting perspective that's not covered much here)
Hart's history and directory of the three towns, Brownsville, Bridgeport, West Brownsville ...: also abridged history of Fayette county & western Pennsylvania (1904) discusses the Thompson Distilling Co.

I could list many other references, but a general query will find these any many more.
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