Can three $20's equal a $60?

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Can three $20's equal a $60?

Unread postby Mike » Tue Aug 09, 2011 5:18 pm

If I were to take three roughly $20 whiskies, can I make a whiskey equivalent to a $60 whiskey. Of course, that is a ridiculous question, taste being such a subjective matter. But, I go on anyway.

My whiskies are: Redemption Rye a young rye whiskey at 92 proof (10 ml), Jack Daniel's Angelo Lucchesi special release at 90 proof, also young because all JD whiskies are relatively young (15 ml), and Slane Castle 80 proof Irish Whiskey, most likely no more than 5 years and possibly less (25 ml).

While a decent enough pour, it is not what I hoped for. I think more JD is called for, hoping to cut the malt sweetness a wee bit and leverage the delicacy I find in this particular JD.

So I will go with 10 ml of RR, 25 ml of JD, an 15 ml of SC.

Now, this is a bit more like what I wanted. It has no roughness, has a good dose of cleansing rye, yet offers some round malt sweetness too. It has gentle, but not rich, sweetness right upfront, and arrogant, but not aggressive, spice toward the back. A good balance, says I.

Would I pay $60 for it?......... well, maybe....... would it be worth it?........ well, maybe. The fun of this was in pleasing my own palate.

Out of curiosity, I went back and upped the RR (15 ml), because it too has a measure of delicacy, and cut back on the Jack. An even better vatting. This RR is a very potent weapon in the vatter's arsenal........ because, in my opinion, it really does use rye sweetness (a somewhat rare comodity) to good advantage. The major strength of rye is that it (in proper amounts) stimulates the palate and brings it alive, and, it's peculiar sweetness is like the bass in the background........ necessary, but not sufficient.

Now, I have my $60 whiskey. Life is good!! I am not a whiskey purist, as this vatting demonstrates. I prefer to think of myself as a palate purist.

Gee, this new vatting should be bottled and available for all.
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