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Bottling NameJack Daniels 1981 Gold Medal
Bottled ByJack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg,TN
TypeTN Whiskey
Alcohol content90 Proof
Availability US: Available Japan: Not Available Duty Free: Not Available Europe: Not Available
Views (since 20080612) 13225
Bottling Info

Review from bourbonbasement (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1955, Created:20110426134832)
Purchased at:Memphis, TN
Purchased for:$36
Info on this bottle:It has a nice gold medallion on it
Nose:Cherry, Merlot, Nail polish remover.
Taste:Almond, carrot cake, fig, banana.
Finish:Caramel, Jack Daniels, and just when you think it???s over, a mighty oak rises from your belly and reminds you that you are drinking fine American whiskey. And that you need a mint.
Overall:A thumbs up. At least a 3.5/5, or possibly a 73/100. Read full review at

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Review from azoth_melusina (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1688, Created:20090912233451)
Purchased at:the only store in colonial (old) New Castle DE
Purchased for:$26.99
Info on this bottle:balderdash
Nose:over-ripe, spiced bananas or chef-prepared plantain other words, wonderful
Taste:as stated above, no way this is just a 10 proof uppity oop noop of the regular, downgraded to 80 proof jack....there is more finesse, a lightness that still burns....a great bottle (my second) to get me back into upcoming autumn whiskey weather.
Finish:yes, dry, oily (fusel?) sort of sense that isn't unpleasant. i really don't think i can still take many sips of the standard jack, but this, GJ and the SB are all exemplary.
Overall:simply great. i will go back and get the last bottle or two if any remain. worth stocking. they didn't make a million of these. and heck, sell the empty bottle on ebay for those who like that kind of thing. i'm keeping one bottle...cork and just pretty. good to stuff sport peppers in....

this is recommended. or heck, any JD 90...better than GJ, which i really like.

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Review from drinkdrankdrunk (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1581, Created:20090523191032)
Purchased at:BFE Texas
Purchased for:$34.99
Info on this bottle:Not much. The bottle sure is purdy though. Nice shape.
Nose:Subtle, muted floral and oak. Some spice. No bannana in the nose surprisingly.
Taste:Typical big bannana flavors, big rye, lots of oak. The flavors are not at all muted in this selection. Much bolder than the Jack Black. Still an easy drinkin' Tennesse mellowness.
Finish:It's bannanas up front that grab your palate and the spices that linger on and on and on. Very dry in the finish.
Overall:Diagnoses = a good drink of whiskey. I don't believe this is just the same old Jack Daniel's at 90 proof. I taste better stock. 10 proof points can't account for the extra flavor in this selection. Still it ain't bourbon, but no regrets in the purchase.

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