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Bottling NameJack Daniels Monogram
Bottled ByJack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg,TN
TypeTN Whiskey
Alcohol content94 Proof
Availability US: Not Available Japan: Available Duty Free: Available Europe: Available
Views (since 20080612) 12092

Folks who knew Mr. Jack Daniel best also knew his name was really Jasper "Jack" Daniel. This was the name raised in warmth over a formal dinner toast. Engraved on invitations to his home for a special celebration. Monogrammed on fine glass decanters of whiskey reserved for his own use and the personal enjoyment of his closest friends. Jack Daniel's Monogram Tennessee Whiskey is a warm, amber sipping whiskey, bottled at 94 proof and distinctive enough to wear the formal signature of Jasper "Jack" Daniel. The silver monogram and black sleeve ensure the whiskey is hand-crafted by America's oldest registered distillery, charcoal-mellowed for an uncommon smoothness , and aged tp perfection in oak barrels for a taste elegant enough to be marked with the initials of America's revered gentleman distiller - JD.

-Photo courtesy of the MOD / Michael Osborne Design Website

Review from iconoklaztor (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 793, Created:20070612155902)
Purchased at:Imported from Japan
Purchased for:n/a
Info on this bottle:Thanks Craig for the bottle
Proof Of this Bottle:94
Nose:Sweet, spicy, rich
Taste:Caramels, pumpkin spice, grains
Finish:great mouth feel. Stays on the palate for a long, glorious time!
Overall:This is the best Jack I have personally tasted. I have a couple of other rare JD products but this is by far my favorite tasting!

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