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Bottling NameJack Daniels 1954 Gold Medal
Bottled ByJack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg,TN
TypeTN Whiskey
Alcohol content90 Proof
Availability US: Available Japan: Available Duty Free: Unknown Europe: Available
Views (since 20080612) 21410
Bottling InfoIf there is anything as unique as the Jack Daniel's 1954 Gold Medal commemorative bottle that is now available throughout the country, it's the story of how the Distillery came to acquire this special Gold Medal. Jack Daniel's newest Gold Medal decanter honors the 1954 Brussels, Belgium Star of Excellence and is the sixth in our series of bottles commemorating the Gold Medals won by the Distillery.

When word reached Lynchburg about a whiskey-judging contest taking place in Brussels, Belgium, the Distillery's Herb Fanning was asked to make sure some Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey was shipped for entry into the competition. Herb, who went on to work for the Distillery for many more years and was a fixture in Lynchburg until he passed away in 1997 at age 93, simply walked out to the production line and pulled off the first three bottles he could grab. He then arranged to have them shipped overseas as the contest entries from Jack Daniel's. When the folks in the advertising department found out he had pulled whiskey for the competition off the bottling line, they were a bit upset and asked him why he hadn't looked for some special whiskey for the judging. But Mr. Herb just shrugged and exclaimed, "Why, all Jack Daniel's is special!"

<Photo and description courtesy of Jack Daniel's Website>

Review from Mike (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 637, Created:20061108170435, Updated:20061109045156)
Purchased at:Sigman Bottle Shop, Conyers, GA
Purchased for:$32
Info on this bottle:Same as described above
Proof Of this Bottle:90
Nose:Oak opens, followed by vanilla, caramel, and corn. Char and charcoal are noteably absent. A sweet, subtle nose with some cinnamon and honey that leads you seductively to the next sip. Very satisfying and rich.

Taste:A smooth corn sweetness with mild cinnamon and honey flavors. The taste is honey thick, balanced, creamy and rich. 1954 JD tastes very good and is quite hamonious.
Finish:A moderate finish that balances the sweet and spicy element very well. The tastes linger and leave an excellent flavor reminent on the palate.
Overall:The best Jack Daniel's whiskey I have had. I compared it to Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (2004) and it was quite similiar (my taste memories told me this might be the case). I also compared it to my bottle of JD Single Barrel and it was much better, not having that 'off' taste that sometimes seems characteristic of Jack Daniel whiskies.

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