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Bottling NameOld Rip Van Winkle Old Time Rye
Bottled ByOld Rip VanWinkle / Julian VanWinkle Lawerenceburg,KY
TypeKentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
Alcohol content90 Proof
Availability US: No Longer Available Japan: No Longer Available Duty Free: Not Available Europe: Unknown
Mashbill InfoMedley rye
Views (since 20080612) 9472
Bottling Info

Review from Dump Bucket (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1513, Created:20090307161730)
Purchased at:Gift from Tony
Nose:Yup, it???s a rye. There is a lot of smooth rye in this nose with earth tones ??? wet oak forest after a long rain. Some alc in the nose stronger than I would have expected for 90 proof. There are some traditional vanilla in here for a Van Winkle product and traditional rye spices like thanks giving day.
Taste:Sweetness with the soft rye. Very, very nice mouth feel with a growing alc. There is also a touch of milk chocolate that pops right up front.
Finish:Light rye and then oak and a perfect touch of leather ??? fresh from a leather work shop.

Good length on this finish. At least 45 seconds with a perfect tingle.
Overall:Very nice. Thank you Tony. I really like this. I can see why this is a favorite.

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Review from gillmang (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 232, Created:20050802032818, Updated:20050802033157)
Purchased at:Tanza Liquors, Fall River, Connecticut
Purchased for:$25.00
Info on this bottle:No. 2008 (no preceding letter such as A, B, etc.)
Nose:Soft caramel, mature oak (somewhat like the ORVW 15 year old), light rye but subtly so
Taste:It tastes like a somewhat younger ORVW 15 year old edged with rye, the palate is sweetish and deep with very good integration. Not somewhat spirity or unbalanced at all, which early bottles (five years ago and more) struck me as being then. I wonder if five years or more in the bottle have knitted together the elements. I get also some faint pepper and a dark fruit note somewhat like what ORVW 13 year old rye is known for.
Finish:Very good length, this one goes on forever as Tim said showing endless complexity.
Overall:I agree fully with Tim that this seems the link between the old Eastern rye styles (some of which were fruity) and the modern drier Kentucky rye style (best typified by Wild Turkey rye). I wonder though if some kinds of aging lends the fruity notes, especially a certain exposure to air or certain kinds of air. It isn't just aging that does it because e.g. Sazerac 18 year old rye doesn't show this fruity complexity. Anyway it is a great dram and to be missed for sure since very little is left on the nation's shelves.

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Review from TNbourbon (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 231, Created:20050801185504)
Purchased at:Texas
Purchased for:$25
Info on this bottle:No. A2882
Proof Of this Bottle:90
Nose:Bright spring-bouquet freshness, definite rye -- but without being grain-bin-y -- a squeeze of fresh lemon underneath.
Taste:When the tumblers finally stop clicking, you have to go back and take another taste to read the combination: pepper, violets (or rose petals?), a lemon/lime underlay.
Finish:Medium-warm, but long, with the subtle citrus of the palate becoming the residual finish.
Overall:One to mourn, this one, as it passes out of existence. Wonderful complexity, no off notes, an inoffensive middle-of-the-road balance and weight that makes it universally approachable, but bold and ever-changing flavors. This may be the 'missing link' between the earlier Eastern rye styles and Kentucky rye.

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